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I Lost my Serial Number :

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We at WheelBarrow Software we believe in a flexible arrangement for licenses. Each purchase comes with a serial number to unlock the software. Each serial number allows for activation on five computers.

This is a flexible arrangement and allows our customers to use the licenses how they would like. You may choose to install the software on five of your own computers or share your serial number with other coaches on your team, or whatever combination works for you on up to five computers.

If you need to install the software on more than five computers, you will need to purchase additional licenses. Please contact us at for additional information.

Reinstalling Software:

If necessary, you can reactivate the software on the same computer that you originally installed it on (except for in a very few cases where hardware has been changed)

You can read more about our activation technology here: Activation Technology by Esellerate

If you need to purchase an additional activation, please contact us at

Taking a Screen Shot:

If you are having difficulty with the software, sometimes it is helpful for us to have a screen shot of the issue.

If you need help learning to take a screen shot, please go to

How to Activate your Software without an Internet Connection:

You can activate Play Designer manually. You do not need an Internet connection to activate your software.

After installing the software and running for the first time, you will be prompted to enter in your serial number. Please enter your serial number exactly as given in your e-mail receipt.

Assuming you DO NOT have an Internet connection. Select “Activate using a different computer that has web access” and click “Next”. The auto-generated Installation ID will be displayed.

Manual Activation Step 1

You can save the Installation ID. Go to a computer with the Internet connection, launch a web browser and navigate to , Type your Installation ID and click “Submit”.

An Activation Key will be generated. Go back to your NO Internet computer, this time, select the “I already have an Activation Key and would like to activate now” option.

Manual Activation Step 2

Enter in your Activation Key exactly as generated. Your software will be activated.